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Useful Icons

A Stock Photo Icon Sharing Community

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Share your stock photo icons and graphics and join in the occasional graphic challenge
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The World Clock

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Current layout Milky by thewhitebeyond

Welcome to useful_icons. This is a stock photography icontest community. Most of the challenges in this commuity will be for icons that portray an idea, emotion, thought, season, holiday, etc. So it will be varied and fun and hopefully a challenge. I'm your moderator is endlessdeep

Each challenge will be different. I may post a graphic, a phrase, a word, etc. to be used in the icons. I will also let you know how many icons to post for each challenge. And the deadline will be posted in the challenge. So please read the instructions for each challenge carefully.

Also I am taking ideas for challenges. If you have any please post them in the Challenge Ideas entry. Your idea will be screened.

1. You must be a member of the community to enter in a challenge
2. All icons must meet LJ standards of 100x100 pixels and not more than 40kb in size
3. All icons must be original...including cropping. Do not use other people's bases.
4. Please do not enter old icons.
5. Please do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over.
6. Please do not ask your friends to vote for you. If that is the only way you think you can win then you probably shouldn't enter in the contest.
7. Do not vote for yourself.

All entries will be screened until the voting post goes up.

Challenges will be posted either later Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.
Challenges last 12 days. That includes 2 weekends.
Challenges end on Sundays.
Voting goes up late Sunday night or early Monday morning.
Voting lasts approximately 48 hours.
If you enter an icon/icons in a challenge you must vote in that challenge.
If you submit an icon to a challenge and are unable to vote for some reason please let me know in your submission post or in a comment to a most recent post and I will excuse you from voting.

Submitting Icons
+ Upload your icon to Photobucket or some place that allows direct linking.
+ Submit icons, as a comment, to the challenge post only.

Use this format:

Banner = yes/no


Please take some time and make your icons look nice. Hint: Neon green text in an icon is a bad thing.

1. You do not need to be a member of the community to vote.
2. You do not need to enter an icon to vote.
3. Vote for your favorite three icons in order....1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place (Sometimes I will ask you to vote for an icon in a special category like "most creative" or "Best use of text") Please read the voting instructions carefully for each challenge)
4. Remember no voting for yourself and don't ask your friends to vote for you. This is considered cheating.
5. If you enter an icon in the challenge you must vote or your icon will be disqualified.
Voting will go on for 48 hours.

Moderator = endlessdeep
Co-Moderator = photoholic62

Banner Makers

Want to share your icons
Please feel free to post your non-fandom icons here.
+ You must be a member of the community to post icons.
+ No fandom related icons. (That means no Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, House, BSG, etc. posted directly to
the community)
+ If you have your non-fandom icons mixed with fandom icons posted at your journal, which you are linking to,
that's OK. But I'd prefer strictly non-fandom icon posts. There are a bazillion fandom related
communities out there so I'd like to keep this one strictly non-fandom related.
+ Please put icons under a cut tag if you have more than three.
+ Do not post just one or two icons.
+ If you are linking to your journal please link directly to the entry with the icons.

Community Advertising Buttons
Please grab a community ad button to put in your user info.

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Thanks so much to all of you for making the lovely ad buttons for the community.